Justin Trupp

Justin Trupp is primarily focused on Industrial Combustion Controls although he does assist Curtis & Shawn with commercial projects on occasion.

Justin is a graduate of the Instrumentation program at BCIT, and the Electrical & Gas programs at SAIT.  Upon completion of the Electrician Apprenticeship program at SAIT he was awarded the Klein Tools Award for outstanding achievement in the electrical trade.  Justin is also a member of the CSA B149.3 code (pertains to industrial combustion controls) and recently completed re-writing the electrical requirements section of the code which will be published in the 2020 edition.  Justin has on the tools experience at over 70 industrial plants both domestically and internationally.

On the commercial side of the trade Justin is focused on the following activities: thermal IR scanning; writing variances; CSA Z32 code applications (pertains to patient care areas); custom low voltage power supplies; SPE-1000 evaluation; and power quality issues.

“I love being on the tools with fellow tradesmen.  Over the years I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what you are working on, but what really matters is who you are working with.”

Curtis Griffiths

Curtis Griffiths directs his focus to the commercial electrical department along with Justin and Shawn.

Curtis recieved his Journeyman Electrical Ticket in 2013 and his Master Electrician Ticket in 2016 from SAIT. He has more than 10 years of experience working on commercial electrical projects. He also completed both a Master’s Ethics Certification and Project Managemnet Certification in 2017.

“I believe that loyal employees make great companies. Treat your employees with respect and they will provide the client with quality work.”

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